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It is rapidly becoming the dominating force in the distribution of goods and services. The aim of the unit is to give students an understanding of jurisprudence and regulatory theory relating to business, in preparation for writing their dissertations.

This unit aims to give students a sound understanding of the legal issues involved in mergers and acquisitions from both corporations law and competition law perspectives and their impact on commercial strategies.

Students will also explore the manner in which companies can be criminally liable, as well as regulatory approaches to the prevention, detection and prosecution of corporate crime. This unit addresses the intellectual property regime - the statutory and common law mechanisms that recognise and protect creative effort and proprietary knowledge and reward innovation.

This includes being able to recognise how a knowledge of business law can facilitate the identification and development of new commercial opportunities. The aim of the unit is to teach students legal research skills and research management skills in preparation for writing their dissertations.

Foundations of Business Law (CLAW1001)

Students will explore institutions and instruments of the system and how they fit together. The effectiveness of different regulatory styles in this area is assessed together with the argument that business can and should take ownership of problematic elements of their interactions with the natural environment.

This is a relatively easy subject to grasp, after solidifying the fundamental concept of exchange rates. There will be opportunities for students to examine how this impacts on regulatory policy and current negotiations.

The taxation of companies, partnerships and trusts, and international taxation are studied in depth in CLAW which, together with this unit, is a solid basis to prepare students for an important aspect of professional accounting practice.

It can result in direct financial losses; the imposition of regulation, scrutiny and compliance obligations; as well as indirect industry and reputational damage.

CLAW1001 - Foundations of Business Law

Through a hypothetical case study, different aspects of commercial practice in China such as contract, entity structure, mergers and acquisition, property and intellectual property rights, the tax system, different tax types and associated international issues, and social insurance are analysed.

This unit focuses on the impact of national and international financial regulation on banking contracts, bank secrecy, money laundering and fraud.

Knowledge from BUSS will be helpful. It concludes with a study of the general anti-avoidance sections. This can lead to new markets or limit certain business activities.

Students will analyse legal and business issues involving competition and consumer law arising from given fact situations and real-world contexts to increase awareness of legal risk situations in business and understanding of how these risks may be managed.

Current issues in the international regulation of securities markets are also addressed. Each of these topics is addressed in an interactive setting, with case studies relating to current business developments forming an integral part of the learning activities in this unit.

Subject Review Guide

Three hours of classes per week, which may include one or more of the following: The intellectual property rights available under the law are discussed but the focus is on the commercial implications of the IP regime.

Two hours of lectures and a one hour tutorial per week Prerequisites: This unit will introduce students to aspects of this international system. The unit emphasises the practical applications of the tax law on businesses and investment.

It will introduce new financial theory and models. Case Study Approach FINC is the most useful subject for anyone interested in pursuing a career in investment banking.

This unit of study aims to demystify environmental regulation as far as it is relevant to the running of a business.

This unit should only be undertaken by students in their final semester of the Business Law major. Students learn about the process and effects of incorporation; the roles, rights and responsibilities of directors and members; and the ways in which the activities of companies are regulated.

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Business Law: CLAW 1001

Was J.P. Morgan a Captain of Industry or a Robber Baron? In the early nineteenth century the USA was very corrupt. It was a time were monopolistic businesses thrived, and small ones failed.

University of Sydney - CLAW - Foundations of Business Law Whether Brendan has a claim against Ariana for damages for breach of contract depends on if there was in fact a binding contract for Brendan to purchase Ariana’s property.

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Usyd claw1001 paper
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