Rooftoops of theran by mahbod seraji

Rooftoops of Theran by Mahbod Seraji Rooftoops of Theran by Mahbod Seraji Since the early years of 18th century, novels have found their ways to the public awareness on how such literary works could bring impacts to the community.

A powerful tale of the universal longings of teenagers compounded by the horrors of tyranny. Seraji portrayed them as a very close knit relationship among them. This novel is one of the many available medium for one to reflect upon. When one is left with no choices, often some of them will not easily giving up even up to the cost of their own lives.


In the context of the modern world, the issue of misuse of power is eerily similar to the situation in Egypt and Libya during the reign of Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi respectively where these two figures misuse their powers over the course of years they served their country as a leader.

For more of my reviews, please visit: To be notified when we launch a full study guide, please contact us. Next theme discussed by Mr. Mahbod is currently an internationally sought after management consultant.

Humans can be very dangerous when they are cornered — leaving no other available choice. In the past, some of the books that are banned though superficially appeared to be rather laden with obscene and profanity, but actually have a much more deeper, complex and mind-provoking ideas and messages that can lead to major changes in the community.

Translated Books List's link 3. He was also further humiliated when a female municipal officer, slapped and make a pejorative slur to his deceased father and further challenged by the mayor to self-immolate if he dares.

Pasha becomes intrigued by Soraya, who seems interested in him in return. Seraji also pointed out that family social values are a very important instrument in keeping the harmony within the family, a stark comparison with the ever deteriorating family institutions especially in the States and throughout the world.

This is because, some people tend to absorb every information provided by the media without proper understanding and evaluation.

At a time when we urgently need to know more about Iranians, Rooftops of Tehran introduces both the complexity of their political history and the richness of their emotional lives. When Pasha wakes in the hospital recovering from the burns he sustained trying to save Zari, he learns that she died in the blaze.

Many misused their power, thus causing many people who are ppressed to loathe them. Quoting from the novel, Mr. In clear, vivid details, Mahbod Seraji opens the door to the fascinating world of Iran and provides a revealing glimpse into the life and customs of a country on the verge of a revolution.

I kinda think now would be the time to open up and start looking elsewhere, don't you. These people also watch movies, enjoy poetries, much the same with other people from other parts of the world and how much they covet a position in an American university Seraji,p.

ROOFTOPS OF TEHRAN is a richly rendered first novel about courage, sacrifice, and the bonds of friendship and love. In clear, vivid details, Mahbod Seraji opens the door to the fascinating world of Iran and provides a revealing glimpse into the life and customs of a country on the verge of a revolution.

" charmingly romantic.4/5(). In Rooftops of Tehran, Mahbod Seraji masterfully weaves Pasha's coming of age story into the instability of Iran's political climate. Seraji's language and vivid descriptions immediately transport his reader to Tehran as it was in the early s/5(43).

Mahbod Seraji

Mahbod Seraji Ph.D., (Persian:مهبد سراجی) is an Iranian-American author whose critically acclaimed novel, Rooftops of Tehran, was published by NAL (an imprint of Penguin) in May Rooftops of Tehran was the final selection for Villanova University's One Book Program.

Rooftops of Tehran: A Novel [Mahbod Seraji] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Rooftops of Tehran

From a striking new talent (Sandra Dallas, author of Tallgrass) comes an unforgettable debut novel of young love and coming of age in an Iran headed toward revolution. In this poignantReviews: With Rooftops of Tehran, Mahbod Seraji delivers a debut novel that has won immediate acclaim for its affecting portrait of life in Iran's capital city.

A year-old boy finds his rooftop the perfect escape for taking in the night sky, smoking cigarettes and catching occasional glimpses of his beautiful neighbor.

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Rooftoops of theran by mahbod seraji
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