Hp data protector disastor recovery

Undo tablespace —A dedicated tablespace that stores only undo information when the database is run in automatic undo management mode. Auditing control to monitor and gather data about specific database activities, investigate suspicious activity, deter users or others from inappropriate activities, and detect problems with authorization or access control implementation.

Key features include end-user single-click recovery, encryption and compression techniques. Oracle security features include the following benefits: Restoring a Database to the Point of Failure Typically, recovering a database to the point of failure involves the following basic steps: Checking the state of transactional data at a particular time, such as verifying the account balance on a certain day.

Oracle Flashback Query Oracle Flashback Query provides the ability to view the data as it existed in the past by using the Automatic Undo Management system to obtain metadata and historical data for transactions. They cannot be backed up to disk.

For example, using a daily report that shows the changes in data from yesterday, it is possible to compare individual rows of table data, or find intersections or unions of sets of rows.

disaster recovery with HP data protector

Oracle Streams Concepts and Administration 2. Flashback technology also enables correction of more widespread damage, yet does it quickly to avoid long downtime.

Logical standby database A logical standby database contains the same logical information as the primary database, although the physical organization and structure of the data can be different.

Repair Automation If you accept the suggested repair option, Data Recovery Advisor automatically performs the repairs, verifies that the repair was successful, and closes the appropriate failures.

Data Protection Storage

ASM provides the following benefits: Media contacts cairns hp. Flashback technology provides fine-grained analysis and repair for localized damage such as deleting the wrong customer order.

USE master; --Create tail-log backup.

Data Protector

Alternatively, if the database needs to be restored to its state at 3: Support for snapshot standby database for reporting or testing cloning purposes and automatic resynchronization with the primary database once reporting or testing has completed.

By protecting file system and Oracle database data, Oracle Secure Backup provides a complete tape backup solution for your IT environment. You can use Oracle Streams to configure flexible high availability environments. The flash recovery area provides the following benefits: Important Under the bulk-logged recovery model, backing up any log that contains bulk-logged operations requires access to all data files in the database.

Reduction of planned downtime for system changes, some platform migrations, hardware and system upgrades, and Oracle patch set and database upgrades see also Table"Outage Types and Oracle High Availability Solutions for Unplanned Downtime".

Installationprocedure TheinstalleddirectorystructureonHP-UX,Solaris,andLinux What's in the box: HP Data Protector Express Bare Metal Disaster Recovery LTU Summary.

HP Data Protector Express is easy to install, easy to use and easy to manage backup and recovery software designed specifically for smaller organizations. HP announced the release of HP Data Protector (as a part of its Adaptive Backup & Recovery initiative) in Mayand released it in July It was released in July along with two companion products: HP Data Protector Management Pack and HP Backup Navigator.

HP Data Protector is an on premise backup and disaster recovery solution that is catered towards large enterprises. Data Protector does not include any kind of cloud backup, but that is available with a different HP backup and disaster solution. HP Data Protector A 1 Disaster recovery guide B Part number: B First edition: September Page 2.

Technical Data for Commercial Items are licensed to the U.S. Government under vendor's standard commercial license. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V have a number of features aimed at virtual machine disaster recovery.

Computer Weekly surveys some of the key hypervisor features for data protection.

Hp data protector disastor recovery
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HP News - HP Autonomy Transforms Data Protection with New Adaptive Backup and Recovery Technologies