An autobiography of lee iacocca

The way he has written the Mustang story, his excitement is pretty visible in the writing especially the way he has narrated the little episodes that he himself could never forget.

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By this time, my father had opened a hot-dog restaurant called the Orpheum Wiener House. Career at Ford[ edit ] Iacocca was instrumental in the introduction of the Ford Mustang. When I was ten, one of the country''s first supermarkets opened in Allentown.

Iacocca: An Autobiography

I loved the way the whole book is narrated in first person, it actually feels like you are hearing Lee's life story from his own mouth, sitting right in front of you.

If they're smart, they'll bring together a consortium of workers, plant managers and dealers to come up with real solutions. Summary[ edit ] In part 1 of the book, Iacocca speaks of his Italian immigrant family and his experiences at school.

Somehow he was able to convince the immigration officials that his new bride was merely seasick. My father set it up, and I put in the money. Iacocca desperately wanted it. Mary Iacocca died on May 15, from diabetes.

A couple of years back as soon as it was launched in India, I had a very light tinkle in my eyes and I end up buying the "Autobiography" of Mustang's Dad - Lee Iacocca, the guy who made it possible.

As the boat sailed into New York Harbor, my father looked out and saw the Statue of Liberty, that great symbol of hope for millions of immigrants. As a result, he never again trusted any vehicle with less than four wheels.

Most of my friends would never hug their fathers. William Novak has done a commendable job, usually Biographies are full of information yet they are pretty boring but this one is totally class apart.

Especially the last chapters, where he talks about why and what they should do to make America a great country again and that too when this book was written in the year While reading the book and after finishing it, I was actually thinking that he had everything that USA needed in a man, who should have very well become their next President.

His knowledge of An autobiography of lee iacocca only economy, defense, education, social security, heath-care and so much more was totally commendable.

This made me the only kid in Allentown who went straight from a tricycle to a Ford. It provides an interactive means for users to rate presidential candidates by the qualities Iacocca believes they should possess: When World War I broke out, he volunteered for the Army--partly out of patriotism, and partly, he admitted to me later, to have a little more control over his destiny.

Bearing a strong resemblance to the Volkswagen Rabbitthe front-wheel drive Omni and Horizon became instant hits, selling overunits each in their debut year, showing what was to come for Chrysler. He proposed to the dealer to spend the night in the showroom so he can take the car home next morning as soon as his check gets cleared by the bank: On July 13,the loan was paid back in full and Chrysler began to flourish.

It was the best selling non-fiction hardback book of and But my father was an aggressive, fast-talking operator who had already learned how to manage in the New World. He used to say the only thing he was sure of when he got here was that the world was round.

To this day, whenever there''s a new development in tire technology, I always think of my father. My plan was to have ten fast-food outlets with one central buying location. It led the automobile industry in sales for 25 years.

You've got to read the book to know the details of the unbelievable turn of events when the Chairman of an empire feels threatened by his own President of all of eight years in the company.

He was offered a job at Ford straight out of college, but at the same time, he was offered a fellowship for a graduate degree at Princeton University. I came pretty close to going into the food business myself.

The new model had all of the newest technologies of the time, including fully electronic fuel injection and all-digital dashboard. I'll give you a sound bite: InIacocca co-authored with Sonny Kleinfeld Talking Straight[14] a book meant as a counterbalance to Akio Morita 's Made in Japana non-fiction book praising Japan's post-war hard-working culture.

And have you read this one. And when times are tough, be in the food business, because no matter how bad things get, people still have to eat. Of all the world''s great Neopolitan cooks, she has to be one of the best. Lee used the money to develop the K-cars.

They still needed Henry Ford II 's approval. Lee Iacocca is a compelling and an easy to read though this was written almost 30 years back,this provides a window to the auto industry in a manner which is relevant even at the age of 54 by Henry Ford,after serving the presidency for 8 years,Iacocca doesn't sit back and play joins Chrysler,revives it and brings 4/5.

Iacocca By Lee Iacocca, William Novak: Success and Failures. Iacocca is an autobiography that captures the life and times of the son of an Italian immigrant family living his American dream.

The autobiography covers a background analysis on Iacocca’s father, his marriage and final settlement in America before traversing through the life of Lee Iacocca. But Lee Iacocca didn’t get mad, he got even.

He led a battle for Chrysler’s survival that made his name a symbol of integrity, know-how, and guts for millions of Americans. In his classic hard-hitting style, he tells us how he changed the automobile industry in the s by creating the phenomenal Mustang.4/5(5).

This book was great insight into auto leader great. It had me briefly flirting with supporting trade protectionism with respect to US fiscal and monetary policy when I was a novice on the subject. The concepts are not completely sound, but the book is an excellent autobiography on Lee Iacocca.4/5.

Lido Anthony "Lee" Iacocca (/ InIacocca co-authored (with William Novak) an autobiography, titled Iacocca: An Autobiography. It was the best selling non-fiction hardback book of and The book used heavy discounting which would become a trend among publishers in the makomamoa.comnce: Bel Air, Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Lee Iacocca made a name for himself by saving Chrysler Corporation from the brink of bankruptcy in the late s and built it into a powerful and profitable firm in short time.

Iacocca : an autobiography

Management and manufacturing changes implemented by Iacocca resulted in a dramatic increase in Chrysler 's stock price and Iacocca 's ego.

An autobiography of lee iacocca
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